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Simple Guide on How to Take Good Care of Your ​Appliances

Appliance Pro Tips

Appliance Service & Repair LLC provides quick and easy appliance repair and maintenance tips. Read on for more information.

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Appliance and Dishwasher repair in Corsicana

 The common problem that most people have is using the wrong type of detergent in the dishwasher. Using any other type of detergent than a "dishwasher detergent" may cause your dishwasher to have suds come out from the bottom of the dishwasher and leaving water on the floor. To avoid this problem, always pre-rinse the dishes. If you pre-wash your dishes with a liquid detergent such as Dawn, be sure that you rinse all of the liquid detergent off of the dishes before placing them into the dishwasher. can use a defoamer that is used for spas to eliminate suds. Simply add to dishwasher and run through rinse cycle. Very little is needed for it is a concentrated liquid. (about 1.5 fl oz). 

Dishwasher clean out and appliance repair

 If your dishwasher has a removable filter, always remove food particles from this area. Dishwashers cannot break down large food particles. Wash your filter out with warm water and this will enhance the cleanliness of the water and provide optimal performance of the machine. For spotless dishes, always use a rinse aid. Using a rinse aid is a required product for best cleaning performance of the machine.


Appliance and washing machine repair in Corsicana

 Too much laundry detergent in HE (high-efficiency) machines may cause your washer to enter into a "sud lock". If you see an error code of "SUD", you might have used more than the required amount of detergent. Always refer to your Owner’s Manual on what type and the amount of detergent to use in your machine.

Washing Machine Repair in Corsicana

 If your washer will not drain, check to see if there is a drain clean-out. This is found on most, but not all, front-loading machines. Remove the drainage tube and empty water into a bucket or shallow bowl. Once the water has been removed, you can then remove drain clean-out and check for blockage. If this does not resolve the problem, call us for service.

Appliance and Washing Machine Repair in Corsicana

 Once mold begins to form on the front-loading washer door gasket, replacement may be necessary. Treating the mold with bleach, vinegar, or other mold removal solutions do not always remove the mold and can continue to breed harmful bacteria.

 After you have replaced the door gasket, always wipe away any excess water left behind after each use and leave the door ajar while not in use. This will prevent it from happening again in most cases. To replace door gasket, contact Appliance Service & Repair LLC.


Appliance and Dryer repair in Corsicana
 Airflow is a key fundamental of your dryer. Restriction of air flow can overheat your machine, causing unsafe and damaging effects. Dryers have built-in safety components that will shut down the heating process if this should occur.

 If your laundry is damp at the end of the cycle or is taking to long to dry, this could be your issue. Make sure to clean your lint screen before each use and check for any damage. If you run water over the screen and it holds water, it is time to replace the lent screen. Also, check the venting behind the dryer for obstruction or damage. Make sure you are getting sufficient air flow coming out of your home where the dryer exhaust the air to the outside. If you have no air flow coming out or you are unsure for any reason, call a professional that can thoroughly inspect your venting.

Appliance and Dryer rapair in Corsicana

 This is what most people don't see. Lint build up around the motor and other parts can cause them to malfunction leading to an expensive repairs. To avoid having to replace parts and having continues repairs, have your dryer serviced and inspected by a qualified technician every six months. And remember inside your dryer can be a major fire hazard!

 A clogged vent prevents your machine from functioning properly. It is also a major fire hazard! Call a professional who will properly clean the venting throughout your home or office for best results. Get in touch with us now to get started. Our services are available throughout Corsicana, Texas and nearby areas.

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